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I had an entirely different plan for Jody, but as fate would have it… it turned out differently and she became a unique and tough fighter.
So, this top is anything but normal once again. It can bei unobtrusive, of course, but actually this is rarely the case.
Jody comes along with a huge bag of weapons pattern variations.
Different lengths (Full, Crop and Midriff) and the corresponding V-shape hem cuffs make for a change single-handedly. Wethre you pair the long (Full) version with some jeans or the supershort Midriff version with some hotpants for summer days.
Another highlight is created by the stand-up collar and its „little sisters“, the cut-outs. The double-diamond became a secret favourite of mine. But caution: this one and the V-neck are kinda revealing (honestly, please check before cutting!)
Matching to the V-neck, you can add a mystirious touch to your top by letting the collar float! This is called the choker collar which is attached only to a part of the front or back. I added two workmanships for this to this instruction file.
And last but not least, the cap sleeve of course! You can choose between a small integrated sleeve or a sleeveless top. And to top this, you can even choose if you use foldover-elastic or fabric tape to finish the opening.
Oh my god, so much to choose froml!! Firstly, read the instructions completely to get a feel for the top. Especially the style overview on page 5 can help you with this!
As always with my patterns, the motto is: Do what you want!
To ensure this won´t end up in a desaster you may have some experience with knit fabrics and should like to sew accurately.

This is a digital pattern, you are not buying finished clothing.


  • 3 Lengths
  • different hemlines
  • 3 neckline & cut-out options
  • Stand-up collar
  • Choker collar option w/ 2 workmanships
  • many dividing seam variations

This E-Book consists of

  • Instruction E-Book (.pdf)
  • A4 pattern (.pdf) for printing at home
  • A0 pattern (.pdf) for large scale printing
  • A0 pattern (.pdf) for projector use


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