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This is… Rowena! – Das Culotte Freebook

Ja, leicht verspätet kommt also die Schnittmustervorstellung meines allerersten Freebooks! Es flattert direkt in dein E-Mailpostfach, wenn du meinen etwas unregelmäßigen, dafür aber garantiert nicht nervigen Newsletter abonnierst.

Du wolltest schon längst eine der beliebten Culottes nähen? Nur in Cool? Dann los!

The idea

For some time now, culottes are a stable in the countless offerings of retail stores. Rumour has it that some people keep them in their wardrobes or even wear them! Ok, all jokes aside, of course there had to be an adaption phase where some hipsters were declared to be crazy and granny Frieda said she wore something alkie 50 years ago.

And yes, I was sceptical too at first. I didn´t like most styles. Maybe the reason was that most culottes are too long for my short legs. Others were unshaped, didn´t make a nice butt or were made of weird fabrics.

On top of that, most were just boring and definitely not my style.

So, what to do in cases like these? Of course, sew it yourself! But even available patterns for culottes were not my cup of tea. Too little rock´n´roll you could say...

While searching online I then saw a kind of wrap-around pants, not culotte style, but I couldn´t get it out of my head.

Something like this as a culotte would be perfect! But where you can have that?! Right here!

The pattern

The pattern consists of only a front and back piece that can be differentiated by width. Additionally, the back pice has an underlap as both pieces are overlapping at the side. This creates a really fantastic slit which makes super long legs!

The base of the pattern is a simple skirt basic block which I expanded a lot. Honestly, this took ages!

Before, I changed the skirt to a divided skirt. It got legs I chopped of in an angle immediately.

The workmanship

In the instruction I show you how to sew the hem of the chiffon (or other thin fabrics) parts in an easy way.

Rolled hems sewn with the overlock are not my favourite (at least on Rowena) and sewing it with a sewing machine and a rolled hem foot... well, it always ends ugly with me and that foot. So, I considered something different and quite easy.

The freebook shouldn´t get too complicated. Everyone should be able to sew a culotte for this summer.

What I´m trying to say, it mustn´t take long to sew. And three tantrums shouldn´t be needed too. Thus, I thought about the easiest closing technique known to mankind: none. Additional benefit: you can eat and drink a lot!

And to be on the save side, maybe you would like to check my posts about Pattern preparation and Project management

The extra

Of course, that´s not the end of it. You get even more, yeah! Additionally to the the culotte I added a really simple but cool pair of shorts.

As the culotte is made of really thin fabrics it seemed practical to add this.

The shorts are made of jersey and can be sewn seperately or to the waistband of the culotte.

Means, you can add them, if sewn seperately, to any other see-through bottoms. Or wear them under skirts. I do that sometimes on windy days.

Are you ready for Rowena? Then simply add your mail adress to my list and get started! I´m very excited to see all these Rowena versions. Feel free to stop by my Instagram. You can also post your version with #ssprowena there.

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