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This is... Mary! The twisted leggings

Jaja, Asche auf mein Haupt… da ist Billie schon aufgetaucht und jetzt kommtse mit dem Post über die Leggings. Ich weiß, irgendwie hab ich mich immer noch nicht an die Einteilung in Insta, Website und Nähen/Schnitt erstellen gewöhnt. Von Facebook und Pinterest fang ich am besten gar nicht an. Alles zu seiner Zeit.

So, you wanna check out Mary now. What do you get? And where did I get the ideas for it?

The idea

What else can you do with a tube of fabric a.k.a. leg? The possibilities are quite restricted and "easy" dividing seams are found on every other sorts pants.

It is my long-time fascination with swirls, best in a crude Tim Burton-style, that set of an idea in my head. Of course there are some leggings with inserts that look like they´re running along the leg.

But they´re just pretending. With a closer look at the inseam it becomes clear that the easiest way sewing something like this was chosen. How to recognize this? The individual parts don´t fit to each other and are shifted at the inseam.

You get the drift, somebody had to solve this :D

The idea for the V-shape yokes was born after seeing sports leggings with a similar dividing part. Seems like Influencer love to accentuate their behinds with that :D and in a slightly toned down version I think it could also appeal to the self-assured goth lady who likes to accentuate her bum too. Because, why not?!

The pattern

As always, it was important to create a good and solid base for these versions. What do you want with fancy versions when the basic one has a bad fit overall?

The basic pattern is high-waisted and is closed with an attached cuff.

In contrast, Version C with its V-shape yokes is slightly lower. The hidden elastic which is sewn into the yoke ends approx. 2cm below your natural waist. I really fell in love with the workmanship I used here and will use it more frequently on leggins from now on.

Oh, a bum! It gets accentuated by the V-shape yoke quite a bit. My mother thought I´m wearing a string on top of my leggings🤦‍♀️

Now Version B, the star of the pattern and still one of my favourites. The pattern is cut in a way that produces a bunch of slanted strips. In the waist and hip are the pattern is also cut at the middle line. Here, the swirl will start. At the hem, the strip runs to zero to end it.

The strips were drafted to fit the end of the matching subjacent one when sewing the inseam. This way a nice swirl will run down your leg continuously, ta-da!

Version B der Leggings aus schwarz-weiß gestreiftem Jersey mit einem normalen Bein und einem Bein mit Swirl
You can see here how the black strips twist around my leg without having weird breaks.

Level of Difficulty

Version A is an easy basic you can sew fast. It only has two pattern pieces to cut and seven seams to sew.

Version B and C are more advanced. Especially at the tips of the yokes and the crossings of the inseam exact sewing is essential for a clean look. With a bit of patience and a lot of pins you can tackle this too, I´m sure!

Do you want to sew Mary ? With her three versions ranging from simple basic to completely crazy there´s the right one for everyone and everywhere. Show me (@slightlysinisterpatterns) and everyone else your own unique versions on Instagram with #sspmary

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