Have i gone mad?

-I´m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.

Lewis Caroll in Alice in Wonderland

Hi, I´m Sonja! As a tailor and self-proclaimed sewing nerd I want to help sewing enthusiasts aside of the prissy and monotonous mainstream to fulfill their extraordinary clothing wishes.

You want well-fitted clothing that fits your style to 100%? You are bored from the sewing patterns you already own and in search of something unique or more challenging?

Maybe you just started sewing and don´t know how to start your next project to get the results you crave. You search for a helping hand so the realisation of your sewing projects just rock.

Or you are sewing for quite a while now and like to go further into the big, wide world of fabrics and techniques. Maybe try something new!

What do I want to show you here?

You can sew your clothing yourself!

Mit etwas Planung und Kreativität ist es gar nicht so schwer seine eigene außergewöhnliche Garderobe selbstzumachen.

Organisation and creativity don´t contradict each other, they complement each other!

Who needs a thousand half-baked things if they catch dust in your wardrobe? Well-fitted, high quality and personal single pieces with character makes you inimitable!

Diversity and sustainability are my main drives while patternmaking.

Inspired by movies, stories or pictures of the punk, gothic and metal scene. The subculture is so huge that the most diverse influences find their place there and build something new.

But what are many cool and ultragoth clothes if you can´t wear them everyday? There are days you just want to throw on some pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Or there´s an important occasion where you don´t want to wear your ripped hotpants. As of these days there are simple and basic versions of the patterns included. And, I like my patterns to have more than one use. This basic version have an easier cut and are more plain. Perfect for selfmade basics.

Who am I anyway?

I´m Sonja and in the year 2004, after a tiresome search for cool gothic clothing, I discovered sewing. After a short amount of time I was completely absorbed in the endless distances of the sewing universe. Everything is possible here!

After my graduation it became clear very fast that I don´t want nothing else to do but sewing.

So I became a seamstress, a ladies bespoke tailor to be exact, and certified fashion designer. My specialties were everything practical, textile technology and pattern cutting. Lastly, I worked as a garment technician for lingerie and swimwear.

Yes, I am a sewing nerd who like to plan their projects until the last seam and who gathers extensive background information with a passion.

And what else do I do?

Most of the time is consumed by my most favourite hobby which is my profession too. Or is it my mission?

Moment, zur Zeit sind es meine beiden Kinder, die die meiste Zeit für sich beanspruchen. Ich sag euch, da lernt man seine knappe Zeit zu nutzen. Noch nie war ich so produktiv wie heute!

I love fantasy books, listen to music nearly every time I sew and am a sucker for cult movies, Jane Austen novels and the Winchesters.

Our environment is very dear to me and it is my considered opinion that everyone has to do their bit for its preservation.

This is another reason why I sewed so much the last years.. It´s more eco-friendly in a way.

In addition, my family lives a vegetarian and low waste life. This means we try to refuse (plastic) packaging as best as possible.

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Do you have any requests, suggestions or critique? Please drop me a message via Contact form or mail to sonja(at)slightlysinisterpatterns.com